Herbs & Mushrooms 12.07.21 – 03.09.2021 г.

15.07.2021 - 17:57

After obtaining a license in 2021, CHRDRI is running a course in "Herbs & Mushrooms" for the first time this July. The training, which lasts 320 hours, includes general training classes, which include topics such as environmental protection, effective communication, teamwork, labor law and more. Along with this, topics specific to the profession, such as protection and preservation of forests from diseases, pests and forest fires; forest management regimes and use of forest resources, etc. will also be considered in detail. During the practical classes, students will be able to gain knowledge about the identification and collection of wild herbs and mushrooms, as well as methods for their cleaning, drying and storing. All the trainees that will successfully pass the state exam in theory and practice, will receive a certificate of professional qualification, and the acquisition of all the new skills will support their effective implementation in the labor market.