Expert Discussion Meeting to Exchange Experiences and Promote Good Practices in CSR

28.11.2016 - 15:05

Today, November 28, 2016, in CHRDRI began a two-day expert discussion meeting with international participation on "Perspectives for Development of Corporate Social Responsibility Policy in the context of Good International Practices", held in partnership with MLSP. This current subject attracted the attention of a wide range of participants, representatives of national and international institutions, academia and private business. The meeting was opened with welcome address by Mrs. Ivanka Hristova - director of "European Affairs and International Cooperation" Directorate, who underlined the contribution of the United Nations and the International Labour Organisation and the European Union for the development and promotion of CSR. Ms. Hristova focused on the fact that Bulgarian CSR policy is sustainable social commitment of the state and has a growing role in increasing the responsibility of companies and enterprises. She said that the private sector is an important partner in efforts to achieve decent work and in dealing with challenges facing the business world today. Mr. Alexander Shopov, director of CHRDRI welcomed the participants in the meeting and expressed hope for a constructive discussion within the event to be outlined the next steps to develop the necessary documents which would lead to legislative supportive national framework for CSR. He did not fail to thank Mr. Antonio Graziosi, Director of the Regional Office for Central and Eastern Europe of the International Labour Office in Budapest and Mrs. Yordanka Tsvetkova, Manager of BRICS program, International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITC-ILO), who also attended the meeting, for their support for the successful development and approval of the Centre for human resource development and regional initiatives and turning it into a place for exchange of best national and international training practices in the social sphere. Mr. Graziosi expressed his gratitude for the invitation to attend this event and welcomed the participants to the meeting, and stressed the crucial importance of CSR in national and international scale. He expressed his satisfaction in turning the Center into an established and important institution for sharing useful international practices and development of resource capacity in the social sector at national level. As a result of his positive impressions gained from the activities of CHRDRI over the years, Mr. Graziosi expressed his readiness to support future joint activities.