Methodical work in CHRDRI

06.04.2016 - 10:59

Taking into consideration the specific of teaching adults and the importance of individual and active participation of students in the process of rationalization of knowledge and acquisition of skills, CHRDRI seeks to apply modern best practices in the area of adults’ education. The Centre applies interactive methods of learning and works with highly educated lecturers. In the context of action-oriented training the choice of teaching methods is closely linked with training objectives, its content and target group. 
The process of maintaining the standards of the delivered education services and methodical work is monitored and supported by chief Methodologist. His work is divided in two main areas: methodical support to the organizers of trainings and methodological control of the whole process of preparation and implementation of each training.
CHRDRI is among the most promising training providers that possess important advantages in resource terms to offer effective trainings one of which is the application of interactive methods.