ROIT methodology - higher performance through feedback from trainees

04.05.2017 - 11:08

The training results are evaluated at different levels using a special methodology, which accounts for return of investments in trainings. That methodology is one of the most challenging and exciting ways of assessing human resources development. 

It is based on the theory and the practice of the researchers Donald Kirkpatrick and Jack Philips. The methodology is adapted to the specifics of the European models of internal trainings and is used for measuring the results of the trainings from the point of view of their impact on the process of work. It takes into consideration the return of investments by assessing   the level of satisfaction of the trainees; the improvement of their knowledge and skills; the behavioral change at the work place and the degree of applicability of improved knowledge and skills in the performance of everyday duties.

A team of our experts monitors the satisfaction of trainees on a permanent basis thus ensuring constant increase of the quality of provided services. Data is gathered by tailor-made questionnaires, which include questions on the programme content, the logistics and the quality of teaching. It is processed afterwards by using a special methodology. The processed data represents a valuable source of information, while elaborating the agenda and improving the overall quality of trainings.