18.10.2018 - 11:30

The Rotational method is a new training method, elaborated especially from the CHRDRIs’ methodologist. The method aims at increasing the effectiveness of so called “soft skills” of a small group of trainees, mostly with established professional functions or who need to validate and upgrade their skills. Under “Rotation” in this method the methodologist means the rotational principle in the function of the trainee.  This means, that every single trainee will have the opportunity to be in the lecturers’ shoes, parallel with his/hers function as a trainee, as well as evaluator.

With implementing the Rotational method in the training is aimed to achieve more efficient participation of all participants in the training program. The change of places in the scheme of the training process engages on the maximum the attention of the participants, and in the same time stimulates them to be more creative and consistent, because each and every one has to manage successfully with the role of the lecturer.  

When placed in the center of the training, the participants could present themselves or fail in their blitz lection, but in all cases this useful experience to get in different roles (trainee/lecturer/evaluator) just as the other participants, is very useful tool for self-evaluation trough the view of the group, as well as through the personal view.

The Rotational method is innovative, consistent with the new, modern training formats and assists in the development of presentation and analytical skills, as well as helps with the learning of the material being taught. Undoubtedly, one of the greatest advantages of the Rotational method is its practical direction and applicability, as well as the possibility to apply it in various forms – distance, blended, homogeneous groups, etc.