The center is an administrative structure under Art. 60 of the Administration Act to the Minister of Labour and Social Policy.

DIRECTOR - Alexander Shopov

Manages, controls and organizes the entire work at the Center


Supports activities of the Centre. It consists of seven members, including Chair and experts in the field of education, who are representatives of Ministry of Labour and Social Policy; Ministry of Education; Institute of Public Administration; National Agency for Vocational Education and Training; Employment agency, and academia.

The center includes general and specialized administration, organized into two departments.


The specialized administration is structured in Training activities department.

It performs and participates in surveys of training needs, develops analyzes, estimates and fills in information sheets regarding trainings. It also works on the development and implementation of national and international projects.

The duties of the experts in the department also include development of training programmes and plans related to the overall activity of the Centre (training projects, vocational and international trainings, round tables, distance learning trainings, etc.), organization and implementation of trainings, advertising, information and publishing activities of the Centre, as well as development of information and digital products and strategies.

Head of Training activities Department - Ivan Bakalov

Chief expert, Training Activities Department - Liliya Boneva

Chief expert, Training Activities Department - Virginia Todorova

Chief expert, Training Activities Department - Milena Kyoseva

Chief expert, Training Activities Department - Viktoria Valeva

Senior expert, Training Activities Department - Milan Milanov

Senior expert, Training Activities Department - Eng. Todor Kirov

Senior expert, Training Activities Department - Svetoslava Popova

Junior expert, Training Activities Department - Sofia Paunova


General Administration is structured in Administrative - financial activities Departments. It carries out the organization, planning and implementation of the overall logistical and financial activities of the Centre.

Head of AFD Department- Velin Zarkov

Chief Accountant - Katerina Stoyanova

Senior expert, AFD - Anna Yordanova

Accountant, AFD - Vesela Vasileva

Senior Specialist, AFD - Igor Vandev

Senior Specialist, AFD - Luchia Lilova